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Center for Human Rights Studies (PUSHAM UBAYA)

University of Surabaya


In 1993, Indonesia experienced a lot of important events. Democratization became the major issue raised by most of the people. With human rights violations occurring in several cities, there was a strong call on the government to establish the National Commission on Human Rights. Based on these events and the development of studies on human rights, the Centre for Human Rights Studies in the University of Surabaya was established on 18 August 1995.

The Centre fully supports the Human Rights Documentation Centre (Documentation Centre), founded six weeks after its establishment. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through a cooperation program with Human Rights Research and Education Centre of Ottawa University and Raoul Wallenberg Institute assisted the founding of the Documentation Centre. This program focused on assistance on book supply, hardware and software to manage and process the book collections. This program ended in 2002.


• “Satu Tahun Pusham” (First Anniversary of the Centre), 1996

• Journal “Dinamika HAM” (periodical)

• “Toleransi dalam Keberagaman: Visi Abad ke-21: Kumpulan Esai Prof. Soetandyo Wignjosoebroto” (Tolerance in Diversity: 21st Century Vision: A Human Rights Essays of Prof. Soetandyo Wignjosoebroto), 2003

• “Kompilasi Instrumen Hak Asasi Manusia dan Ratifikasinya dalam Perundang-undangan di Indonesia” (Compilation of International Human Rights Instruments and its Ratification into Indonesia Law and Regulations), 2003

• “Suara HAM” (Voices of Human Rights) 2005

• “Sekilas Fakta tentang Perdagangan Orang” (Highlight on Human Trafficking) 2007


Center for Human Rights Studies - University of Surabaya

Pusat Studi Hak Asasi Manusia Universitas Surabaya


Gedung Perpustakaan Lantai V

Universitas Surabaya

Jl. Raya Kalirungkut Tenggilis Surabaya 60293 INDONESIA

ph (62 - 31) 298 1345, 298 1347

fax (62 - 31) 298 1346

e-mail: pusham@ubaya.ac.id



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