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Master's Degree Course in Institutions and Policies of Human Rights and Peace (2 years - MA)

The Master's Degree Course in Institutions and Policies of Human Rights and Peace was established on the rich heritage of educational, scientific and training experiences found at the University of Padova.  In this field the University counts on the active role of the Interdepartmental Centre of Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples which was founded in 1982. The degree is the updated version of the three-year Specialization School in Institutions and Techniques for the Protection of Human Rights established at the University of Padova in 1988. This was the first specialization school of its kind in Europe and in the world.

Since the A.Y. 2009/2010, the course has acquired a more vocational identity, mostly due to the launch of new teaching modules dedicated to human rights protection techniques and to peace operations involving the civilian sector. (civil society?)

During the course, a training period at the CIMIC Group South and a training week in a conflict zone is foreseen, within the legal framework of peacekeeping operations and in the presence of Italian troops.
Furthermore, the Master's degree course organises a study trip to either the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) or the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Geneva), both of which are international institutions that cooperate with the Interdepartmental Centre for Human Rights and the Rights of People for many years ( in the form of specific memorandum of cooperation.)

The Master's Degree Course provides an interdisciplinary and “action-oriented” education on problematic political, juridical, socio-economic, cultural and technical issues regarding all policy levels, from local to international, that foster peace, human rights, the rule of law and security.

During the course students are required to attend an internship programme in Italy or abroad.

The degree course promotes and encourages studying activities in other European and non-European universities through student mobility programmes, particularly the Erasmus Programme, and bilateral agreements signed by the University of Padova and other eminent universities.

The Course aims at shaping specialised operators for qualified working posts in several fileds, such as: international agencies and organization officers, diplomacy, local, regional and national public administrations, international cooperation, ombudsmen offices, international observation and monitoring missions, human rights promotion organisations, cultural mediation and education, democratic institution building activities.

Graduate Students of the Master's Degree Course, moreover, develop the necessary skills to plan and manage interventions in the field of human rights, peace and intercultural dialogue, following the most advanced methodological and substantial international standards.

Further information:
Faculty of Political Science
Office of the "Tutor Junior": tutor.scipol AT unipd.it / presidsp AT unipd.it
Tel. + 39049.827.4202 - 4005

Prof. Marco Mascia
President of the Master's Degree Course Council

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