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Two soldiers of the UNIFIL, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, engaged in a mine clearance operation.
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New data show the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping missions

Failures on the part of UN Peacekeeping missions have been highly publicised and well documented – and rightly so. But when looking at the overall picture and data, the picture that turns out ...

Last update 17 Jan 2023
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Join the Human Rights Centre 'Antonio Papisca' for the “Europe for Peace” Rally, Saturday 5th November 2022

The Comitato promotore della Marcia PeruggiAssisi, the Tavola della Pace, together with the Human Rights Centre, will participate in the Europe for Peace Rally that will be held in Rome next ...

Last update 28 Oct 2022
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The Nobel Peace Prize 2022

The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski from Belarus, the Russian human rights organisation Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organisation Center for ...

Last update 21 Nov 2022
Poster International day of peace
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21 September: International Day of Peace

On 21 September each year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated worldwide. The United Nations General Assembly dedicated this day to strengthening the ideals of peace by observing 24 hours ...

Last update 22 Sep 2022
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Enza Pellecchia from the University of Pisa and Marco from the University of Padova elected coordinators of the Italian Network of University for peace

On 9th and 10th September 2022, the first National Assembly of the representatives of the Network of Universities for Pace (RUniPace), the youngest of the thematic networks of the Conference of ...

Last update 17 Sep 2022
Comic created on the occasion of the war in Kosovo in 1999 depicting a mother and her child screaming while embracing each other as bullets and missiles fly by.
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Special edition of the Peace and Fraternity March Perugia-Assisi, Sunday 24th April 2022

Dear Friends,   With each day that passes, the war in Ukraine becomes more inhuman and blind. Because of that we invite you to join us and organise together a Special Peace and Fraternity ...

Last update 25 Mar 2022
Marcia Perugia Assisi 2021, studenti e studentesse UNIPD
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Join the Human Rights Centre 'Antonio Papisca' for the Special Peace and Fraternity March Perugia-Assisi, Sunday 24th April 2022

Just before the Liberation Day, we will meet again to walk the path of peace, disarmament and nonviolence, following the footsteps of St Francis, Aldo Capitini, Giorgio La Pira and  Ernesto ...

Last update 20 Apr 2022
UN General Assembly resolution against Ukraine invasion
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UN Bodies Resolutions on Situation of human rights in Ukraine stemming from the Russian aggression

Following all the voices condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine also UN Bodies do not remain silent. Even though the Security Council failed to adopt a draft resolution on ending the Ukraine ...

Last update 15 Mar 2022
Poster of the Seminar of study and reflection: La cura del mondo, oggi e domani
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Seminar of study and reflection: La cura del mondo, oggi e domani

100 years since the birth of Father Ernesto Balducci On the 60th anniversary of the Perugi-Assisi March for Peace and Fraternity On the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Human Rights Centre ...

Last update 9 Feb 2022
Peace appeal against the war in Ukraine. On a bloodstain is written "No war - against the war in Ukraine".
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We beg you: Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate!

In these hours of anguish and concern, we make our own Pope Francis' appeal to all, believers and non-believers alike, to participate in the Day of Fasting for Peace on 2 March. For believers, it ...

Last update 1 Mar 2022
A Peacekeeper of the UNTAET (United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor) holds a young boy in East Timor. The Peacekeeper wears the traditional blue beret of UN Peacekeeping personnel.
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UN will use technology and medical capacity to improve peacekeeping

The Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial, hosted by the Republic of Korea on 7-8 December 2021, will be attended by more than 700 persons, including ministers, heads of international organisations, ...

Last update 13 Dec 2021
Picture of Irene Fellin, new NATO Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security
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Irene Fellin from Italy is the new NATO Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security

In November 2021, Irene Fellin succeeded Clare Hutchinson as the new NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security. Ms. Fellin is an Italian national, with more ...

Last update 2 Dec 2021
Marcia PerugiAssisi della pace e della fraternità 2021
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The University of Padova will take part in the Perugia-Assisi March for peace 2021

The Perugia-Assisi March for peace and fraternity will take place on the 10th of October 2021, having as its theme the culture of care as a symbol of peace, in the spirit of Don Milani's motto "I ...

Last update 6 Aug 2021
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2021 Global Peace Index: the world's peacefulness deteriorated significantly

In June 2021, Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) published its 15th edition of the annual Global Peace Index (GPI). According to GPI 2021, the average level of the world's peacefulness ...

Last update 27 Jun 2021
Michelle Bachelet (on screen), UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, addresses the 30th Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the “Grave Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”, at Palais des Natio
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Human Rights Council Establishes International Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel

On 27 May 2021, the Human Rights Council (HRC) established an international commission of inquiry to investigate violations leading up to and since 13 April 2021and all underlying root causes of ...

Last update 3 Jun 2021