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Reframing Migrants and Refugees’ Integration Policies: A Multi-Level Governance Approach

Cecilia Trastulli holds a master’s degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padova. This focus article is an excerpt from her master thesis, discussed in ...

Last update 16 Jun 2022
Workers are seen during a tour at the construction site of the Al Bayt Stadium and the workers accommodation on January 9, 2017 in Doha, Qatar.
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Amnesty International to FIFA: Time to compensate migrant workers in Qatar.

Recently, Amnesty International readdressed the issue of abuse of migrant workers’ rights in Qatar, the host of 2022 men’s football World Cup. Migrant workers make up more than 90% of ...

Last update 16 Jun 2022
Families arrive in Berdyszcze, Poland, after crossing the border from Ukraine.
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CoE: How are children protected from sexual exploitation and abuse during the refugee crisis?

The Council of Europe’s Lanzarote Committee evaluated legislation, services and other measures implemented to protect the children affected by the refugee crisis from sexual exploitation and ...

Last update 4 May 2022
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UNODC: Human trafficking in Ukraine

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime published research on key evidence on risks of trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants during the conflict, with a particular focus on the ...

Last update 26 Apr 2022
The Polish-Ukrainian border in Dorohusk-Jagodzin
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FRA: Key fundamental rights risks at the EU-Ukraine borders

On 23 March European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published a short report on the situation at the EU-Ukraine borders: ‘EU-Ukrainian border check points: First field ...

Last update 20 Apr 2022
A young migrant from Darfur waits to reach England from Calais, France.
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OHCHR: UK border reform bill increases the risk of serious human rights violations

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, urged the United Kingdom to reconsider proposed changes to its border policy and to ensure that the proposed Nationality and Borders ...

Last update 25 Mar 2022
Girl hugs a doll in front of a window
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FRA: Effective guardianship is key to better protect unaccompanied children

The latest report from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), ‘Guardianship systems for unaccompanied children in the EU’, shows that both, the EU and its Member States, still face ...

Last update 15 Mar 2022
Refugees and migrants crossing Macedonia.
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Galilean School of Higher Education - Social Sciences Seminar Series 2022 "Forced Migration, Refugees and Resettlment"

The Galilean School of Higher Education organizes the first social sciences Seminar Series 2022. The theme of this year is "Forced Migration, Refugees and Resettlement". Program Aula ...

Last update 24 Feb 2022
Climate Justice Peace
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Africa Europe Foundation: Talking Africa-Europe High-level dialogues ahead of 6th AU-EU Summit

The Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) will host three high-level debates around key issues at the centre of the cross-continental partnership. The debates will be held ahead of the The 6th AU-EU ...

Last update 20 Jan 2022
Refugees and migrants crossing Macedonia.
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World Migration Report 2022

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been producing world migration reports since 2000. Due to the complex nature of global migration, it is difficult to understand and regulate ...

Last update 28 Dec 2021
IOM - International Migrants Day: 18 December
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International Migrants Day: 18 December

Today, more people than ever live in a country other than the one in which they were born. While many individuals migrate voluntarily, other movements are the result of climate disasters, economic ...

Last update 28 Dec 2021
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OHCHR: New training materials on Human Rights Protection at International Borders

On 25th October, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights launched a new Trainer’s Guide on Human Rights at International Borders. The guideline has been a product of collaboration ...

Last update 15 Nov 2021
Drawing of man whose shadow is a scale
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EU Agency For Fundamental Rights: new Report on legal aid for migrants in return proceedings

The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published a new report entitled “Legal aid for returnees deprived of liberty”. The report highlights that effective access to competent legal ...

Last update 15 Nov 2021
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EU borders: concerns about Fundamental rights

Allegations for the treatment of migrants at EU borders and difficult conditions in detention and reception centres remain a persistent concern, as highlighted in the latest migration bulletin from ...

Last update 13 Oct 2021
hate crime FRA
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FRA: Report hate crime, support victims

FRA’s latest report ‘Encouraging hate crime reporting: the role of law enforcement and other authorities’ highlights the gaps in hate crime reporting across the EU. FRA calls on EU ...

Last update 15 Jul 2021