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Artificial intelligence and big data
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FRA: a human rights approach to AI services across Europe

As requested by the European Parliament, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) released a report updating a study made in 2017 about the effects of intelligence services in human ...

Last update 6 Jun 2023
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Hikma International Relations Summit, 24-27 May 2023, Forlì

HIKMA, with the contribution of Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, is pleased to present the fourth edition of the HSIR International Relations Summit with a focus on the younger ...

Last update 23 May 2023
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United Nations: Counter-terrorism 'rhetoric' used to justify rise of surveillance technology

Some countries and private companies are using “counter-terrorism and security rhetoric” to justify a major increase in the deployment and use of cutting-edge surveillance technology, ...

Last update 23 May 2023
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FRA: Test algorithms for bias to avoid discrimination

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms affect people everywhere: from deciding what content people see on their social media feeds to determining who will receive State benefits. AI ...

Last update 30 Dec 2022
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Spyware and surveillance: Threats to privacy and human rights growing, UN report warns

During the fifty-first session, the Human Rights Council enacted the Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and report of the Office of the High Commissioner and the ...

Last update 5 Nov 2022
report on learners privacy security
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UNESCO: Global dialogue on evolving dimensions of the right to education. New report on learners’ privacy and security

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the use of digital technologies in education. But beyond the emergency response, there is an international trend towards exploring how artificial ...

Last update 5 Jul 2022
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Human Rights Watch Report: Students privacy violated by education technology products

Human Rights Watch has recently published its report on children’s rights violations committed by governments that endorsed online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The report is a global ...

Last update 16 Jun 2022
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Council of Europe: new report on the impact of artificial intelligence on the doctor-patient relationship

The Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for Human Rights in the fields of Biomedicine and Health (CDBIO) has issued a new report on the impact of artificial intelligence on the ...

Last update 11 Jun 2022

Right to be forgotten for victims of image-based sexual abuse: A case of Telegram

Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen holds a master’s degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padova. She is an International Research Fellow at the Information ...

Last update 1 Jun 2022
AHRI 2022 Conference: Call for papers
[Events and Updates]

AHRI 2022 Conference Call for papers: deadline 31 March 2022

The 2022 Conference of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI) is dedicated to Technology and the future of human rights. The event will take place on 2-3 September 2022 on the Future ...

Last update 15 Mar 2022
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The 2021 Global Threat Assessment report: A need for a new approach for Child sexual abuse online

WeProtect Global Alliance published the 2021 Global Threat Assessment report on child sexual exploitation and abuse online. It is the most comprehensive yet, demonstrating how the global response to ...

Last update 10 Feb 2022
A Peacekeeper of the UNTAET (United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor) holds a young boy in East Timor. The Peacekeeper wears the traditional blue beret of UN Peacekeeping personnel.
[Events and Updates]

UN will use technology and medical capacity to improve peacekeeping

The Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial, hosted by the Republic of Korea on 7-8 December 2021, will be attended by more than 700 persons, including ministers, heads of international organisations, ...

Last update 13 Dec 2021
World Forum for Democracy: can democracy save the environment?
[Events and Updates]

World Forum for Democracy: can democracy save the environment?

Created in the context of the Council of Europe, the World Forum for Democracy is a platform for political decision-makers and activists to debate solutions to key challenges for democracies ...

Last update 6 Aug 2021
Cover Peace Human Rights Governance Journal PHRG - 2017
[Events and Updates]

PHRG - Peace Human Rights Governance: the March 2021 issue is out

The first issue of 2021 of the University of Padova Human Rights Centre's scientific journal, Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG), has been released (PHRG 5(1), March 2021). The issue ...

Last update 1 Apr 2021

Peace Human Rights Governance (VOL. 3, NO. 3 November, 2019)

AA.VV. (2019)

Rivista Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG)

Last update 26 Feb 2021