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Committee for Human Rights and a Culture of Peace

The Committee for human rights and a culture of peace was established by Regional Law n. 55/1999, Art. 12.

The Committee has the task of contributing to the development of triennial programmes, annual plans, and various interventions promoting human rights and a culture of peace.

The Committee is composed of:

a) the President of the Regional Government, or one of his delegates, who presides over the Committee;
b) three permanent experts and three substitutes nominated by the Regional Council, two of which are on behalf of the majority and one of the minority;
c) two permanent representatives and a substitute designated in agreement by the universities of the Region of the Veneto;
d) a permanent representative and a substitute designated by the Regional Association of Veneto Municipalities (ANCI);
e) five permanent representatives and five substitutes designated in agreement by non-profit associations, identified by the Regional Government, that have been operating in at least four provinces of the Region of the Veneto for at least three years, and that provide for, according to their statutes, initiatives in the fields of human rights and a culture of peace, of disarmament, and of civil service in the place of military service;
f) the director of the Archive mentioned in article 2, letter c), or by one of his delegates;
g) a permanent member and a substitute designated by the Regional Union of the Provinces of Veneto (URPV).

From 1989 to 1999, the Committee helped implement the previous law, Regional Law 30 March 1988, n. 18 "Regional interventions for the promotion of a culture of peace". Within the framework of Regional Law n. 18/1988, the Committee has annually produced implementation plans and reports on the activities conducted under such plans.