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Boston Latin School

Learning for Liberation: The Human Right to Education

Created on: 23/09/2021 - Last Update: 13/1/2022
The toppling of Hoxha's statue - 20 February 1991

Dealing with the past: Post-communist Transitional Justice in Albania

Created on: 27/07/2021 - Last Update: 27/7/2021
Social inclusion and volunteering

Integrating Volunteering or Volunteering for Integration? How Volunteerism Can Help the Social Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in Europe

Volunteering is a right of everyone and an activity that everyone has to have access to. Engagement in volunteer action...

Created on: 09/07/2021 - Last Update: 20/7/2021
Olympic Games and Human Rights Violation

Are The Olympic Games An Efficient Vehicle for Human Rights Reforms? The Case Of China

Traditionally, the sport has been left out of conversations concerning human rights. Nowadays, the idea of using Mega Sporting Events...

Created on: 25/06/2021 - Last Update: 26/6/2021
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Australia. In February 2020 extraordinary flooding caused damage and evacuations in New South Wales, Australia.

The international and regional response to human mobility in the context of climate change: good practices and global challenges

The year 2020 will be historically associated with COVID-19 as the entire world was dealing with this emergency. The pandemic...

Created on: 15/06/2021 - Last Update: 15/6/2021
Logo Agenda 2030 per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile

An Analysis of The Critiques to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: The Contribution of the Encyclical Laudato Si’ of...

The year 2015 was a turning point year for the debate on sustainable development and ecology. Concerning Papacy, the ecological...

Created on: 24/05/2021 - Last Update: 25/5/2021
Coronavirus State of Emergency

Human rights and democracy during COVID-19 in the Republic of Moldova

Created on: 02/05/2021 - Last Update: 9/5/2021
Open Democracy

The Scandinavian countries and the populist radical right: protecting liberal democracy by limiting individual rights?

In safeguarding their democratic core, Scandinavian countries do not operate following the same “militant” approach that other liberal democracies adopt....

Created on: 17/04/2021 - Last Update: 17/4/2021
Stilt houses to help cope with floods in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Climate change, human rights and microfinance: lessons learned from the Pacific Islands

For many individuals around the globe, climate change is already a matter of life or death. Internationally speaking, through the...

Created on: 30/03/2021 - Last Update: 4/4/2021
An Israeli military jeep escorting Palestinian schoolchildren to their school in Al-Tuwani in the West Bank, 2016.

The right to access education in conflict-ridden and divided societies: Studying in Israel and in the West Bank

Created on: 19/03/2021 - Last Update: 19/3/2021
Women Wage Peace: Israeli and Palestinian women march for peace, 2017

The Resistance from Within: Rethinking the Role of Women in the Contest of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

In the complex context of conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians, women represent the most vulnerable actors. At the same time,...

Created on: 20/02/2021 - Last Update: 20/2/2021
Rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean sea

The controversial Italian approach towards migration flows from Libya: from pullbacks to the support of humanitarian corridors

Created on: 18/02/2021 - Last Update: 8/3/2021

The disproportionate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the LGBTI population

Created on: 03/02/2021 - Last Update: 4/2/2021
Hands of an elderly woman

Sexual violence against elderly women: an unrecognised issue

During the last decades, violence against women (VAW) and domestic violence has become one of the most debated issues. Very...

Created on: 12/01/2021 - Last Update: 22/1/2021
The Largest Refugee Camp in Greece

Little Lives on Hold: The Impact of EU Securitisation Policy Tools on Unaccompanied Children’s Rights at the Greek-Turkish Border...

Created on: 16/12/2020 - Last Update: 16/12/2020