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Stilt houses to help cope with floods in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Climate change, human rights and microfinance: lessons learned from the Pacific Islands

For many individuals around the globe, climate change is already a matter of life or death. Internationally speaking, through the...

Created on: 30/03/2021 - Last Update: 4/4/2021
An Israeli military jeep escorting Palestinian schoolchildren to their school in Al-Tuwani in the West Bank, 2016.

The right to access education in conflict-ridden and divided societies: Studying in Israel and in the West Bank

Created on: 19/03/2021 - Last Update: 19/3/2021
Women Wage Peace: Israeli and Palestinian women march for peace, 2017

The Resistance from Within: Rethinking the Role of Women in the Contest of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

In the complex context of conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians, women represent the most vulnerable actors. At the same time,...

Created on: 20/02/2021 - Last Update: 20/2/2021
Rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean sea

The controversial Italian approach towards migration flows from Libya: from pullbacks to the support of humanitarian corridors

Created on: 18/02/2021 - Last Update: 8/3/2021

The disproportionate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the LGBTI population

Created on: 03/02/2021 - Last Update: 4/2/2021
Hands of an elderly woman

Sexual violence against elderly women: an unrecognised issue

During the last decades, violence against women (VAW) and domestic violence has become one of the most debated issues. Very...

Created on: 12/01/2021 - Last Update: 22/1/2021
The Largest Refugee Camp in Greece

Little Lives on Hold: The Impact of EU Securitisation Policy Tools on Unaccompanied Children’s Rights at the Greek-Turkish Border...

Created on: 16/12/2020 - Last Update: 16/12/2020
Displaced Syrian women and children at al-Hol

Citizenship Revocation as Punishment and the Abandoned Women and Children of IS

Created on: 16/12/2020 - Last Update: 7/1/2021
Locals navigating the Atrato River

Navigating new rights and responsibilities in the Colombian Atrato River - An ecocentric approach to human rights

Created on: 23/11/2020 - Last Update: 1/12/2020
Women's meeting in the Peasant Reserve Zone Perla Amazónica - Puerto Asís (Colombia)

Women’s cuerpo-territorio: a space of domination and resistance against patriarchal extractivism

Through the analysis of the Colombian case-study and some testimonies of women human rights defenders, this article provides insights into...

Created on: 28/10/2020 - Last Update: 31/10/2020
Yemen Arms Remnant made in Italy

Human rights and international arms trade: RWM Italia’s involvement in the Yemen Conflict

This In Focus article discusses the position of business under international law and what their human rights obligations are. In...

Created on: 08/10/2020 - Last Update: 28/10/2020
People participating Women's March in Washington D.C. holding a sign written: Trans Rights are Human Rights.

Inside Turkey’s Prisons: Protecting Human Rights of Transgender Prisoners

Created on: 28/09/2020 - Last Update: 28/9/2020
soldiers are closing the border with barbed wire, under an EU sign

From Schengen to Dublin: limits of the European migration policy

This article is an excerpt of a Master thesis discussing the issue of border control reintroduction within the Schengen Area....

Created on: 21/09/2020 - Last Update: 28/9/2020
Panoramic view of Lake Charvak, a huge artificial reservoir created by erecting a stone dam on the Chirchiq River - 
Uzbekistan, Mountain, Tourist, Nature, Camping

Selected Problems of Implementation of the Espoo Convention: On the Example of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Created on: 28/07/2020 - Last Update: 2/8/2020
Bombed-out district in Sana'a

Violations of International Humanitarian Law in the Yemeni conflict: siege as a war crime

Created on: 26/06/2020 - Last Update: 6/7/2020