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Panoramic view of Lake Charvak, a huge artificial reservoir created by erecting a stone dam on the Chirchiq River - 
Uzbekistan, Mountain, Tourist, Nature, Camping

Selected Problems of Implementation of the Espoo Convention: On the Example of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ekaterina Molodtsova holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padova. This article is an excerpt from her Master thesis, discussed in March ...

Last update 4 Aug 2020
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Fundamental Rights Agency: new bulletin on Coronavirus Pandemic in the EU- Fundamental Rights Implications

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published, on the 28th of May, the second Bulletin Coronavirus Pandemic in the EU- Fundamental Rights Implications, which covers the period ...

Last update 3 Jun 2020
Court of Justice of the European Union

The Challenges for Asylum Seekers’ Rights from Populist Majorities’ Interventions on Domestic Asylum Procedures and the Judicial Activism of the CJEU

Elisa Enrione holds a master's degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padova. This In Focus article is excerpt from her master thesis, discussed in November 2019 ...

Last update 3 Feb 2020
Padova European Volunteering Capital of 2020
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Padova European Volunteering Capital for 2020

In 2013 the European Volunteer Centre launched the European Volunteering Capital competition to promote and develop volunteering at the local level by giving recognition to municipalities that ...

Last update 16 Jan 2020

The Implications of Principled Pragmatism for Human Rights Promotion

Gergana Tzvetkova (2017)

Articolo / Saggio

Last update 29 Sep 2017
Student body and staff participate in the inauguration ceremony for the 2002-2003 academic year of the European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratization, venice, 2002
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EIUC: Graduation Ceremony of the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in memoriam Antonio Papisca, Venice, 24th September 2017

The official Ceremony for the Awarding of Diplomas to the students of the European Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA) concluding the academic year 2016/2017 will ...

Last update 25 Mar 2019
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Anna Lindh Foundation: Education Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship

On the 1st of March 2017, the Anna Lindh Education Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship in the Euro-Mediterranean Region was published. It is the first manual of its kind, and has been developed ...

Last update 9 Mar 2017
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The Higher Education Institute of European Political Studies (ISESP) of Reggio Calabria publishes the new series of SUDEUROPA, quarterly of European civilization and culture

The second series of SUDEUROPA, the quarterly of European civilization and culture, founded in 1978 and now directed by prof. Daniele Cananzi, has recently been released. In the new edition, the ...

Last update 28 Mar 2019
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Italian Council of Ministers: New legislative decree approved on Universal Civil Service

The approval of the decree implementing Article 8 of the law n. 106, 6th June 2016, relating to the discipline of the new Universal Civil Service has been made official. The measure allows ...

Last update 21 Feb 2017
Map of Europe

Religion and the European Human Rights Standards

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion is widely regarded by European institutions as one of the foundations of a democratic society. In order to deal with religious rights and liberties, both ...

Last update 4 Aug 2016
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Here is the video of the TEMVI Project dedicated to situations of severe exploitation and trafficking of minors involved in criminal activities

Minors victims of trafficking for the purpose of illegal activities are the visible component of a phenomenon connected to a market led by organised criminal organisations. The Video of the European ...

Last update 4 Jul 2016
The Future of the European Union
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"The Future of the European Union": international Jean Monnet colloquium, University of Geneva, May 10th-11th 2016

"The Future of the European Union": this is the topic of the international Jean Monnet colloquium organized by the Global Studies Insistute wich will take place on May 10th-11th 2016 at the ...

Last update 8 May 2016
Cover of the book, First Fundamental Rights Documents in Europe, 2015
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First Fundamental Rights Documents in Europe

The academic publisher Intersentia (Antwerp) has recently edited “First Fundamental Rights Documents in Europe”, a collective volume containing different analysis of the most important ...

Last update 18 Dec 2015
A girl comes running to the finishing red line
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Course "European Sports Law and Policy"

As part of the Jean Monnet program of the European Commission, the Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies of the University of Padova has activated the course "European ...

Last update 15 Apr 2019
International Conference "Representative Democracy and Political Participation. Towards a European Transnational Party System", Padua, 5-6 May 2014
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Representative Democracy and Political Participacion. Towards a European Transnational Party System

University of Padua, Palazzo del Bo 5-6 May 2014 1989 – 2014 25th Anniversary AUSE and Jean Monnet programme Monday 5 May, Palazzo del Bo, Archivio Antico 9.00 | 9.30 Welcome Address ...

Last update 8 Apr 2016