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UNESCO: Killings of journalists up 50 per cent in 2022

According to the United Nations’ culture agency (UNESCO) the number of journalists killed worldwide increased from 55 killings of 2021 to 86. UNESCO pointed out that journalists suffer attacks ...

Last update 1 Feb 2023

Building Narratives: How Propaganda in Democracies Can Change Our Perception of the World

Clelia Vettori holds a double master’s degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padova and International Relations and Global Studies from the University of ...

Last update 5 Jul 2022
Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation (SLAPPs)
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European Commission’s Anti-SLAPP initiative

The European Commission is taking action to improve the protection of journalists and human rights defenders from abusive court proceedings. On 27 April 2022, the Commission proposed a ...

Last update 11 May 2022
Liberties Media Freedom Report 2022
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Liberties: Worrisome Decline in Media Freedom Across Europe (Media Freedom Report 2022)

The Civil Liberties Union for Europe (Liberties), in cooperation with Liberties member and partner organisations in 15 EU Member States, published its first annual report on media freedom in the ...

Last update 7 Apr 2022
Council of Europe calls on states to support quality journalism: new guidelines
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Council of Europe calls on states to support quality journalism: new guidelines

On 17 March 2022, the Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation on promoting a favourable environment for quality journalism in the digital age (CM/Rec(2022)4). The CoE called upon its ...

Last update 22 Mar 2022
New Research: Online attacks on women journalists lead to ‘real world’ violence
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62 journalists lost their lives in 2020, according to UNESCO

According to UNESCO, in 2020 alone, 62 journalists have been killed for doing their job. From 2006, over 1,200 professionals lost their lives for the same reason and in 90% of the cases, the killers ...

Last update 15 Nov 2021
Appeal for International Solidarity to Protect Freedom of Expression in Iraq
[Events and Updates]

Appeal for International Solidarity to Protect Freedom of Expression in Iraq

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) launched the campaign "Protect Iraqi Human Rights Defenders Now!" to support freedom of expression and freedom of the press throughout all of ...

Last update 2 Jul 2021
Tawakkol Karman, Premio Nobel per la Pace 2011
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Freedom is Peace is Freedom, Padova Freedom Lecture Friday 4 June

Friday 4 June at 5 pm we invite you to the Padova Freedom Lecture - Freedom is Peace is Freedom, by Tawakkol Karman, winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2011. After the meeting with the French philosopher ...

Last update 4 Jun 2021
World Press Freedom Day 2021
[Events and Updates]

World Press Freedom Day, 3 May

World Press Freedom Day, celebrated on May 3, was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993, following the recommendation of UNESCO's General Conference. 3 May acts as a reminder to ...

Last update 3 May 2021
[Events and Updates]

UNESCO and OHCHR Partnership to reinforce freedom of expression: 2020 World Press Freedom Conference

During the 2020 World Press Freedom Conference, co-organised by UNESCO and the Kingdom of the Netherlands on 9 and 10 December, the Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok announced an endowment of seven ...

Last update 7 Jan 2021
The top ten countries for press freedom in 2020 are Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Portugal. Ten countries with the worst press freedom situation in the ranking are: Cuba, Laos, Iran, Syri
[Events and Updates]

2020 World Press Freedom Index: COVID-19 likely to affect media freedom

On 21 April, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published its 2020 World Press Freedom Index. According to RSF, the new coronavirus pandemic amplifies existing issues affecting ...

Last update 24 Apr 2020
Freedom of the media is vital to the development of civil society
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Council of Europe: annual assessment on the 2017 media freedom threats in Europe

The partner organisations to Council of Europe Platform for the Promotion of Journalism and the Protection of Journalists issued their annual assessment of the 2017 media freedom threats in the ...

Last update 24 Jan 2018
Symbolic poster that shows freedom of the press, with an image of a boy holding a newspaper and a camera.
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Council of Europe: Report on the protection of media freedom in Europe

The Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has recently adopted a new Report on the protection of media freedom in ...

Last update 29 Jan 2015
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List of journalists murdered since Ukrainian independence

Since independence of Ukraine more than 60 journalists died, either during their professional duties or under the mysterious circumstances. Ukrainian government treats them not as performers of ...

Last update 2 Jan 2015
Journalist documenting events at the Independence square during the clashes in Ukraine, Kyiv, 18 February, 2014.

Media Freedom

During the first decade of independence, the Ukrainian media went through a period of transition from communist regime in which it established non-governmental media. Today Ukraine has legislation ...

Last update 2 Jan 2015