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UNESCO: Killings of journalists up 50 per cent in 2022

According to the United Nations’ culture agency (UNESCO) the number of journalists killed worldwide increased from 55 killings of 2021 to 86. UNESCO pointed out that journalists suffer attacks mainly while off duty, for example while travelling, or in parking lots or other public places where they were not on assignment, in their homes. So, the UNESCO report shows once again light on the issue that there are no safe spaces for journalists, even in their spare time.

Unfortunately, these killings remain for the 86 per cent unpunished. Combating impunity remains a pressing commitment on which international cooperation must be further mobilized.

During 2022, journalists also were victims of other forms of violence like enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention, digital violence, with women particularly being targeted.

The UNESCO report shows that Latin America and the Caribbean were the most dangerous places for journalists in 2022, with over half of all of those killed worldwide. Particularly the deadliest individual countries were Mexico, with 19 killings, and Haiti with nine. Meanwhile worldwide Asia and the Pacific registered 16 killings, while 11 were killed in Eastern Europe.

The main reasons why the journalists were killed were reprisals for their activity of reporting on organized crime, armed conflict or the rise of extremism.