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Global Campus of Human Rights: MOOC on Science and Human Rights
[Events and Updates]

Global Campus of Human Rights: MOOC on Science and Human Rights - 10 October, 13 November 2022

The Global Campus of Human Rights organises the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Science and Human Rights that will take place from 10 October to 13 November 2022. This MOOC is the first ...

Last update 3 Oct 2022
Protestors at the March of Peace and Independence in Minsk, Belarus
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Human Rights Council: Belarus ‘engulfed in fear’

Anaïs Marin, Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Belarus, presented her annual report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, pointing to Government policies that have ...

Last update 5 Jul 2022
[Events and Updates]

UN response to the latest restrictions towards women and girls in Afghanistan

UN Women Executive Director, Sima Bahous, has recently published a statement in which she expressed deep concern about the Taliban’s announcement that all women must cover their ...

Last update 18 May 2022
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[Events and Updates]

EU borders: concerns about Fundamental rights

Allegations for the treatment of migrants at EU borders and difficult conditions in detention and reception centres remain a persistent concern, as highlighted in the latest migration bulletin from ...

Last update 13 Oct 2021
 indigenous woman holds brazilian flag with red stains representing blood.
[Events and Updates]

Brazil: UN human rights expert appeals that Supreme Court must uphold indigenous land rights

A UN human rights expert called on the Brazilian Supreme Court to secure the rights of indigenous peoples to their lands and to reject a legal argument being promoted by some businesses that want to ...

Last update 1 Sep 2021
Headquarters of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (France).
[Events and Updates]

Democracy is in distress, finds the Council of Europe Secretary General’s annual report for 2021

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe has published its annual report for 2021, titled “State of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. A democratic renewal for Europe.” ...

Last update 20 May 2021
World Press Freedom Day 2021
[Events and Updates]

World Press Freedom Day, 3 May

World Press Freedom Day, celebrated on May 3, was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993, following the recommendation of UNESCO's General Conference. 3 May acts as a reminder to ...

Last update 3 May 2021
Open Democracy

The Scandinavian countries and the populist radical right: protecting liberal democracy by limiting individual rights?

Francesca Corcella hold’s a master degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padua. This In Focus article is an excerpt from her master thesis ...

Last update 19 Apr 2021
SAR ITALY - Europan Reaserchers Night 27 novembre 2020
[Events and Updates]

European Reaserchers night on the theme of academic freedom for Scholars at Risk - Friday 27 November 2020

The Universities of Padua, Cagliari and the Scuola Normale Superiore organised a series of meetings on the theme of academic freedom for Scholars at Risk (SAR Italy) during the Researchers' Night on ...

Last update 27 Nov 2020
Children deprived of liberty
[Events and Updates]

Global Campus of Human Rights: MOOC on Children Deprived of Liberty: Enacting the Recommendations of the UN Global Study. Free enrolment until 27 December 2020.

The Global Campus launched its new MOOC on Children Deprived of Liberty: Enacting the Recommendations of the UN Global Study. In 2019 the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty denounced ...

Last update 17 Nov 2020
Rapporto CIVICUS Monitor 2019
[Events and Updates]

CIVICUS Monitor Report: global civic space restrictions in 2019

According to a new report released by CIVICUS Monitor, in 2019 twice as many people are living in countries where these civic freedoms are being violated compared to a year ago. The CIVICUS ...

Last update 20 Apr 2020
PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contes,
[Events and Updates]

PRISMA -- Human Rights Photo Contest

The Global Campus of Master’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation is pleased to announce the first edition of PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest. It was launched ...

Last update 19 May 2015
Symbolic poster that shows freedom of the press, with an image of a boy holding a newspaper and a camera.
[Events and Updates]

Council of Europe: Report on the protection of media freedom in Europe

The Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has recently adopted a new Report on the protection of media freedom in ...

Last update 29 Jan 2015

A Lesson to the West: The Human Rights Legitimacy of the Arab Spring Protesters

José-María Arraiza (2011)

Articolo / Saggio

Last update 9 Jan 2014

L'insegnamento della Chiesa ortodossa russa su dignità, libertà, diritti umani

Kristina Stoeckl (2011)

Articolo / Saggio

Last update 9 Jan 2014