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Unitet Nations: cautious optimism on the Peace agreement in Yemen

Hans Grundberg, UN Special Envoy, has briefed ambassadors from the internationally-recognized government of Yemen, representatives of the Houthi rebels from the opposition, as well as international ...

Last update 6 Jun 2023
[Events and Updates]

UNICEF: Millions of children still facing dire conditions 100 days after Türkiye-Syria quakes

Millions of children in Türkiye and Syria are still enduring dire conditions, 100 days after devastating earthquakes struck both countries, according to a report by the UN Children's Fund ...

Last update 5 Jun 2023
[Events and Updates]

Sudan violations in spot-light at UN Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council convened an emergency session in Geneva on Thursday 11 May 2023  to address Sudan's deepening descent into violent conflict and humanitarian catastrophe. ...

Last update 26 May 2023
[Events and Updates]

Human rights ‘best antidote’ to advance peace, Security Council hears

In a recent meeting, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, emphasized the importance of human rights in preventing conflict and instability. He highlighted that ...

Last update 23 May 2023
Women in peacekeeping
[Events and Updates]

Women in peacekeeping: UN Fund calls for new idea and Investments

The UN’s Elsie Initiative Fund (EIF) is calling for new investment proposals to improve opportunities for uniformed women to serve in peacekeeping operations and better serve vulnerable ...

Last update 7 May 2023
[Events and Updates]

United Nations: Peace in South Sudan depends on local accountability

“Our priority in 2023 is to adopt a peace to people approach, with the support of the government” declared Stephen Par Kuol, South Sudan Peacebuilding Minister.  Through local ...

Last update 14 Mar 2023
[Events and Updates]

United Nations: Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights urges Denmark and Greenland to examine colonial legacy’s impact

According to José Francisco Cali Tzay, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, addressing the colonial legacy’s impact would represent a key measure to tackle past ...

Last update 6 Mar 2023
Girls from the Arhuacos indigenous community of Colombia
[Events and Updates]

UN launches 10-year survival plan for endangered indigenous languages

The UN launched the International Decade of Indigenous Languages on Friday to help them thrive and preserve them. Indigenous peoples have unique cultures and ways of interacting with people and the ...

Last update 8 Feb 2023
[Events and Updates]

UNESCO: Killings of journalists up 50 per cent in 2022

According to the United Nations’ culture agency (UNESCO) the number of journalists killed worldwide increased from 55 killings of 2021 to 86. UNESCO pointed out that journalists suffer attacks ...

Last update 1 Feb 2023
Two soldiers of the UNIFIL, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, engaged in a mine clearance operation.
[Events and Updates]

New data show the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping missions

Failures on the part of UN Peacekeeping missions have been highly publicised and well documented – and rightly so. But when looking at the overall picture and data, the picture that turns out ...

Last update 17 Jan 2023
Young people from different countries hugging each others
[Events and Updates]

OHCHR: Youth Rights Advocacy Toolkit

The United Nations Human Rights Office, Education Above All Foundation and Silatech have collaborated in the creation of the Youth Rights Advocacy Toolkit. Its aim is to strengthen the capacity of ...

Last update 17 Jan 2023
[Events and Updates]

United Nations: Published new guide “Protecting Minority Rights: A Practical Guide to Developing Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Legislation”

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights and the Equal Rights Trust have joined forces to launch “Protecting Minority Rights: A Practical Guide to Developing ...

Last update 30 Dec 2022
Victor Madrigal-Borloz, UN Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity
[Events and Updates]

United Nations: Mandate of the Independent Expert on SOGI renewed for a second time

On 17 November 2022, the resolution tabling the Annual Report of the Human Rights Council was adopted by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly without objections to the renewal of the ...

Last update 22 Dec 2022
International Migrant Day 2022
[Events and Updates]

18 December: International Migrant Day

18 December is International Migrant Day. In 2020 over 281 million people were international migrants while over 59 million people were internally displaced by the end of 2021. The reasons behind ...

Last update 16 Dec 2022
Social media campaign #orangetheworld  against gender-based violence
[Events and Updates]

United Nations: The International Day for the Elimination of Violence

25 November marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The date 25 November, chosen to remember the Mirabal sisters, three political activists from the Dominican ...

Last update 27 Nov 2022