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Padova "City in defense of": webinar "Focus on Turkey and human rights"

International Day of Human Rights, 10 December 2020

At 18.00 - 20.00

Zoom: https://unipd.zoom.us/j/82416504352

Live on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centrodirittiumani

On 10 December 2018, with the approval of the City Council Resolution n.2018/0092, Padua was declared a "shelter city for human rights defenders". Consequently, the city became a local node of the network "In Difesa Di", which aims to promote awareness-raising and support actions for human rights defenders in emergency situations.

Currently, the network is made up of the Municipalities of Padua, Cadoneghe, Montegrotto, Noventa Padovana, Ponte San Nicolò and Rubano, and involves the Human Rights Center "Antonio Papisca" and the UNESCO Chair of Human Rights, Democracy and Peace of the University of Padua, the Padua Bar Association and fifteen local associations working in the field of human rights.

This appointment is the occasion, on the International Day for Human Rights, to present "Distance support - First Action Turkey". It is the initial stage of the support campaign promoted by the Paduan node which provides both the possibility of temporary shelters for human rights defenders and the programming of periods dedicated to in-depth studies and initiatives on specific topics and countries.


Institutional greetings

Speech by Attorney Serife Ceren Uysal, executive CHD - association of Turkish Progressive Lawyers

Speech by Murat Cinar, journalist, photojournalist, videomaker

The initiative is organised by the Municipality of Padua, the Paduan node "In Difesa Di", the Human Rights Center "Antonio Papisca" of the University of Padova, the Padua Bar Association, Democratic Jurists, within the framework of the project supported with the 8x1,000 funds of the Waldensian Church.

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"Focus on Turkey and human rights" on the International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2020