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United States: Main University Research Centres

This is a short guide to the main research centers of public and private universities active in the United States on the subjects of human rights, peace, non-violence, and conflict resolution.

A census of 55 centers has been conducted with general information and data concerning specific publications and online resources collected for each of them.

This guide is the English translation and expansion of the work realized by Claire Doran, student of the University of California—Berkeley, USA, during an internship at the Centre in July 2008. Carly Cassara, student of the University of California—Davis, USA, conducted the update, realized the translation and developed the guide into an accessible web tool during an internship at the Centre from January to March 2012. Jessica Bajada-Silva, a student of Boston University—Boston, USA, conducted an additional update, translation, and developed additional state profiles from September to December 2017.

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