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A toast for the 30th anniversary of Antigone, 18 February 2021 at 18.30

On 18 February, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Antigone, the Italian NGO for rights and guarantees in the criminal system will hold a collective toast on the Zoom platform.

Antigone is a political-cultural non-governmental organisation which includes magistrates, prison workers, scholars, parliamentarians, teachers and citizens interested in criminal justice. In particular, Antigone promotes elaborations and debates on the criminal and procedural legality model in Italy, collects and disseminates information on the situation in the penitentiary system, prepares legislative proposals and the definition of any amendments to proposals in the process of approval and promotes information and awareness campaigns on issues related to the raising of the legal civilisation model in Italy.

All those who have accompanied the association's journey over the years are invited to participate in the event. All those who sign up to propose a toast will be given the floor to testify Antigone’s successes. The first three toasts will be reserved for the three presidents, who accompanied the Association in these first 30 years: Mauro Palma, Stefano Anastasia and Patrizio Gonnella.

To participate, you are encouraged to register using the following form.