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Global Campus of Human Rights: MOOC on Business and Human Rights

The Global Campus launched its new MOOC on Business and Human Rights.

For some reasons, nowadays there is still often confrontation between business and human rights. Despite increased attention on risks and adverse impacts of business operations on human rights, and the development of guidelines, initiatives and case-law, many challenges and obstacles are still hampering desired progress. In order to break away from this confrontation, both business and human rights actors need to find ways to mutual support. This also requires skilled and trained experts.

The Global Campus of Human Rights has developed a MOOC aiming at providing training on international standards and principles as well as regional and national practices related to business and human rights. Selected applicants will discover links between business and human rights defenders, case-law, due diligence and children’s rights protection in this area. The course will introduce the participants to both the general international framework on the relation between business and human rights and specific themes of pressing value.

The enrolment is free and open until 7 February 2021, and the course lasts from 18 January to 21 February 2021.

For more information about the course and enrolment, please visit the website of Global Campus as attached below.