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Human rights and the environment

Human rights and the environment: New online course for legal professionals

The Council of Europe’s HELP programme (Human rights Education for Legal Professionals) has launched a new online course on the environment and human rights.

The six-hour course, which is available free of charge via the HELP online platform, has been developed by experts on the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter – which have already formed the legal basis of hundreds of environment-related cases – with input from the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency and others.
The course covers key legal concepts related to protecting the environment, the main elements of a human rights-based approach to environmental protection, “green” human rights in different regional systems and the issue of environmental degradation and corporate accountability.

Participants will receive a digital “statement of accomplishment”.

Together with a forthcoming course on business and human rights, this course is part of a project funded by the Dutch and German authorities.

For more information please consult the link below.