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pencil drawning of children with posters about their rights
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Italian Parliament approved new law giving more relevance to the bond between minors and foster families

With law n. 173 of October 19th 2015 on the right to preserve the emotional bond between minors and foster families, the Italian Parliament amended the current legislation on the right to family of the child and introduced a number of measures aimed at giving more relevance to the relationship between minors and foster families.

According to the “Istituto degli Innocenti” Report of 2012, owing to persisting problems in their family environment, almost 60% of minors stay with foster families for more than two years, which is the maximum term according to Italian law. On the basis of the previousely existing legislation, foster families were not eligible for the adoption of the minor, who would usually be resettled in a third family.

In order to avoid this further trauma, the new law gives the judge the possibility, when ruling on the adoption of a child, to take into consideration the “significative stable and long-lasting emotional bond between the minor and the foster family”, giving the latter a priviledged position in the adoption procedures.

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