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Online Global Campus of Human Rights Conversations: Possible Futures for Venice

The Global Campus of Human Rights (GCHR) will hold the "Global Campus of Human Rights Conversations: Possible futures for Venice” with the purpose to create a space for the exchange of opinions and views on the possible futures for Venice.

We are living in difficult times and facing a global health crisis unlike any experienced in the recent past. The COVID-19 pandemic is intensifying human suffering, widening inequalities and threatening peoples’ livelihoods. In order to face the future in a spirit of hope, a focus on investing in youth education should be a non-negotiable requirement. University education could be essential to look at Venice’s future development, which now inaugurates its 1,600 years anniversary. It could also become one of the driving forces amid pandemic to look positively to the future both for local and global communities.

The second annual Global Campus of Human Rights Conversations focuses on the relation between the Veneto Region and the academic institutions/Universities present in the Region, with the participation of the following speakers:

  • Marco Mascia, Professor at the University of Padua, Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies - Human Rights Centre "Antonio Papisca"
  • Cristiano Corazzari, Councillor of the Region of Veneto, with the mandate on Culture and Territory
  • Jane Da Mosto, We are Here Venice
  • Carlotta Giordani, Representative of EMAlumni Association
  • Manfred Nowak, Secretary-General of GCHR
  • Elisabetta Noli, Administrative Director of GCHR

The event will take place via Zoom on 17 February from 11 to 12 (CET).

Registration is open until Monday 15 February at 16.

For further information contact the organisers: pressoffice@gchumanrights.org