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Cover Peace Human Rights Governance Journal PHRG - 2017
[Events and Updates]

PHRG - Peace Human Rights Governance: the second issue of 2019 is out

The second issue of 2019 of the University of Padova Human Rights Centre's scientific journal, Peace Human Rights Governance (PHRG), has just been released. The issue includes the following ...

Last update 5 Jul 2019
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The European Court of Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief

Selected case-law of the European Court of Human Rights on Freedom of Religion (art.9 of the European Convention of Human Rights) divided by issue.   1. Religious symbols and clothing ...

Last update 25 Jul 2016
Map of Europe

Religion and the European Human Rights Standards

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion is widely regarded by European institutions as one of the foundations of a democratic society. In order to deal with religious rights and liberties, both ...

Last update 4 Aug 2016
International conference “Religions and Human Rights”, Padua (Italy), April 14-15, 2016

Religion and the International Human Rights Standards

Over the last decades, the process of international standard-setting has played a crucial role in fostering the protection and promotion of religious rights and liberties. International human ...

Last update 4 Aug 2016
National banners of the Member States of the UNO (United Nations Organization) outside the UN Headquarters.

Religion and the Human Rights Machinery

United Nations At the United Nations (UN) level, there are two Special Rapporteurs and a treaty body dealing with the promotion and protection of religious rights and freedoms, adopting different ...

Last update 4 Aug 2016
Sculpture entitled "Non-Violenza" by Karl Fredrik Reutersward, situated outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
[Events and Updates]

15 December 2012: 40th anniversary of the law on conscientious objection to military service in Italy

Saturday, December 15, 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the Marcora Law (Law 772/1972) which regulated, for the first time in Italy, the conscientious objection to military service. The story of ...

Last update 18 Feb 2013
[Events and Updates]

Thirty years ago Pope John Paul II visited the University of Padua

(Antonio Papisca) September the 12, is the 30th anniversary of the visit of John Paul II in the Padua University. This event deserves to be remembered due to its intrinsic uniqueness and to the ...

Last update 13 Sep 2012
[Institutional Contents]

Conference by Adrien-Claude Zoller on freedom of religion

On 2 November, at 3.30 p.m., the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padua hosts a meeting with Adrien-Claude Zoller, founder and president of the NGO Geneva for Human Rights. Zoller' ...

Last update 29 Jun 2012

L'insegnamento della Chiesa ortodossa russa su dignità, libertà, diritti umani

Kristina Stoeckl (2011)

Articolo / Saggio

Last update 9 Jan 2014

La dimensione religiosa del dialogo interculturale

Documentazione (2011)


Last update 22 Jul 2011