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The Separation Wall in the occupied Palestinian Territory and behind it an Israeli settlements
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Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel: First report released

The continued occupation by Israel of Palestinian territory and discrimination against Palestinians are the key root causes of the recurrent tensions, instability and protraction of conflict in the ...

Last update 11 Jun 2022
Russian occupiers destroy hospitals in Ukrainian cities
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WHO is gathering evidence for a possible war crimes investigation into attacks by Russia in Ukraine

“Intentional attacks on healthcare facilities are a violation of international humanitarian law and represent war crimes in any situation,” declared Dr. Michael Ryan, WHO Emergencies ...

Last update 18 May 2022
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UN Security Council: six grave violations against children in times of war

Children living in conflicted territories all over the world continue to come under attack on an enormous scale. According to UNICEF, between 2005 and 2020, more than 266,000 grave violations ...

Last update 28 Apr 2022
Women and girls in South Sudan are experiencing conflict-related sexual violence
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UN report: ‘hellish existence’ for women and girls in South Sudan

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan issued a report on widespread and systematic conflict-related sexual violence perpetrated by all armed groups across the country. ...

Last update 15 Apr 2022
Motorola radar detectors, Bracha Settlement, Apr 2011, Photographed by Dror

The Business behind Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT): a Case Study of the Surveillance Industry

Laura Caramignoli holds a master’s degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padova. This in Focus article is an excerpt from her master thesis, discussed in ...

Last update 25 Jan 2022
UNICEF Sud Sudan
[Events and Updates]

Children in Sudan need more humanitarian assistance than ever before

UNICEF warned that a record of 4.5 million children in South Sudan are in desperate need of humanitarian support. Hopes that independence would bring a new dawn for the country’s children have ...

Last update 14 Sep 2021
Haiti: humanitarian response must respect human rights
[Events and Updates]

United Nations: humanitarian aid in Haiti must respect Human Rights

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that under the leadership of the Government, national and international humanitarian partners are scaling up ...

Last update 1 Sep 2021
World Humanitarian Day
[Events and Updates]

Memorial Ceremony at OHCHR in remembrance of those killed in the service of human rights

The high commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, made a statement on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day on August 19, recalling all the people who worked for the United Nations and ...

Last update 1 Sep 2021
Michelle Bachelet (on screen), UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, addresses the 30th Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the “Grave Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”, at Palais des Natio
[Events and Updates]

Human Rights Council Establishes International Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel

On 27 May 2021, the Human Rights Council (HRC) established an international commission of inquiry to investigate violations leading up to and since 13 April 2021and all underlying root causes of ...

Last update 3 Jun 2021
An Israeli military jeep escorting Palestinian schoolchildren to their school in Al-Tuwani in the West Bank, 2016.

The right to access education in conflict-ridden and divided societies: Studying in Israel and in the West Bank

Lamia Yasin hold’s a master degree in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance from the University of Padua. This In Focus article is an excerpt from her master thesis discussed in November ...

Last update 19 Mar 2021
Guantanamo camp
[Events and Updates]

Close ‘disgraceful’ Guantánamo camp – UN experts urge incoming US administration

Exactly after 19 years after the establishment of the Guantánamo Bay detention camp, on 11 January 2021, the UN independent human rights experts urged the incoming United States ...

Last update 12 Jan 2021
Seafarers UN photo
[Events and Updates]

UN calls for action from the global business community to help end the humanitarian crisis of seafarers

The UN Human Rights Office and the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, have joined the United Nations Global Compact in calling for businesses across the value chain to act and assess the ...

Last update 13 Oct 2020
Rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean sea
[Events and Updates]

The UN Refugee Agency expresses concern about the conversion into law of the security decree by the Italian Parliament

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is concerned about the Italian Parliament’s decision of 5th August 2019, to convert into law a security decree that imposes more severe penalties on boats and ...

Last update 21 Aug 2019
Logo of the University of Ottawa, Human Rights Research and Education Centre, Canadian Red Cross
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Summer School in International Humanitarian Law, offered by the University of Ottawa, the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, and the Canadian Red Cross

The University of Ottawa, the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, and the Canadian Red Cross will host the 11th edition of the Summer School on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) from 28th ...

Last update 9 Feb 2017
Hrg students
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Facing the loss: Italian Red Cross workshop on forced migration

The Italian Red Cross workshop "Facing the loss" was focused on migration processes and humanitarian rescue of migrants and refugees. It was held in Padova on 18 April 2016 and Jesolo on 30 April ...

Last update 16 Jun 2016