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Agreement with Guangzhou University Institute for Human Rights, China

On 27th May 2016, the Coordinator of the Joint Ph.D Programme, Giuseppe Giordan, and the Executive Director of the Guangzhou University Institute for Human Rights, Songcai Yang, signed a Memorandum of cooperation that envisages both joint research and common training activities.

In the framework of the Memorandum, part of a broader cooperation project between the two universities, the University of Guangzhou provides two scholarship grants for their students who aim to enroll in the International PhD Programme in Human Rights, Society and Multi-level Governance (for the A.Y. 2017/2018). The Memorandum also envisages exchanges for the students of the Padova MA programme in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance, as well as setting up a specific path for Guangzhou University students within the Bachelor degree in Political Science, International Relations, Human Rights.

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