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Final Conference (Venice, Italy, 7 July 2016)

The event was organised with the particular purpose of presenting the outcomes of the project. It was also the occasion to share with the prototype and operational protocols and more in general for sharing and spreading project results, video and final publications.

Wecome addresses were given by Simone Venturini (City of Venice), Marco Odorisio (Venice Police department) and Marco Mascia (Human Rights Centre, University of Padova).

During the morning session the floor was given to the partner countries (Italy, France, Hungary and Romania) in order to address the traffiking phenomenon in each state and the research results.

The focus of the afternoon was on the experience of the State Police regarding investigation on trafficking of exploited minors, the international cooperation with reference to human trafficking and migrants smuggling and finally the challenges and gaps of human trafficking with regard to indentification, protection and prosecution mechanisms, paying attention to exploited minors

To wrap up the videos were showed and the local experimentation challenges and outcomes were outlined.

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TEMVI Final Conference, Venice, 7th July 2016
Prof. Marco Mascia, Director of the Human Rights Centre of the University of  Padova
TEMVI Final Conferecence, Venice, 7th July 2016
TEMVI Final Conferecence, Venice, 7th July 2016
TEMVI Final Conferecence, Venice, 7th July 2016