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Forced Migration (A.Y. 2015/2016)

Facing the Loss: Workshop on Refugees and Migrants

The second edition of the workshop on humanitarian issues, jointly organized by the Italian Red Cross and the MA in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance, aims to address current humanitarian challenges associated with the migrants’ flows involving Italy and the activities carried out in this field by the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The workshop is held in Padova, on 18th April, and in Jesolo, on the 30th April-1st May. 

The approach is both theoretical and practical. The workshop comprises of a five-hour seminar in Padua on the legal framework and Movement’s mandate on disaster response, refugees, and RFL (Restoring Family Links), and a two-day simulation exercise that will take place at the Italian Red Cross Regional Centre in Jesolo (VE). The simulation focuses on four different settings. Each scenario represents a stage in the migration process: landing on Italian shores, first shelter accommodation, RFL office front-desk, and Refugee Local Commission hearing. At the end of the role-play a round table discussion will close the workshop. 

Besides getting involved in the humanitarian assistance work, particpants are offered the opportunity to experience what being a Red Cross volunteer means and have the possibility to know how the Red Cross components work by meeting the volunteers, the very heart of the red Cross Movement. 

The programme and all information and instructions on how to apply is online in the e-learning platform of the Master’s course 2015-16. There are up to 30 places available. Students are hosted one night in Jesolo and have full board from the lunch of Saturday to the lunch of Sunday. The students' participation to the workshop contributes strengthening the relationship between the University of Padova, the Padova Committee, and other components of the Italian Red Cross Committee.

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