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Booklet 3: Getting all children in school and learning

UNESCO (2004)

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: UNESCO, Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau


: Bangkok


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Booklet 3 will help you and your colleagues to understand some of the barriers that keep children from coming to school and what to do about them. The Tools are presented in a building block fashion (step-by-step), and they contain ways of including traditionally excluded children that have been used widely and effectively by teachers throughout the world. After working through these Tools, you will be able to talk with other teachers, family and community members, and students about what conditions may be pushing children away from learning. You also will be able to identify where the children live, why they are not coming to school, and what actions can be taken to get them in school


3.1 Who May Not Be Learning?
Discovering Barriers to Inclusive Learning 3
Self-Assessment for Inclusive Learning 11

3.2 Finding Children Who are NOT in School, and WHY School-Community Mapping 13
Children’s Participation in Mapping 15
Discovering Why Children May Not be Coming to School 19

3.3 Actions for Getting All Children in School Action Planning 27
Ideas for Action 30

3.4 What Have We Learned?


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