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Situation of disabled people in the European Union: the European Action Plan 2008-2009

Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the European economic and social Committee and the Committee of the Regions

Commission Of The European Communities (2007)


: European Union

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: Resolution / Declaration / Raccomandation


: Commission of the European Communities


: Brussels


: 11


: EN

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The objective of the Commission’s disability strategy since 2003 has been to make equal opportunities for disabled people a reality. By jointly signing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN Convention) in 2007, the European Community and its Member States have confirmed their view that disability is a broad human rights issue and a matter of law.

The EU Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2003-2010 provides the means to implement this strategy by mainstreaming disability issues within all relevant EU policies. Moreover, Member States are implementing the 2003 Council conclusions inviting them to proactively mainstream disability issues within relevant policy areas.

The DAP is developed in two-year phases with policy priorities that respond to the equality gaps disabled people face. The purpose of the present Communication is to:

a) analyse developments in the situation of disabled people;

b) report on achievements of the second phase of the DAP 2006–2007;

c) define priorities for 2008-2009 to meet the strategic objectives of the DAP.


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