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Amnesty International Italia: the report on lockdown’s measures in Italy during the phase 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic

During the handover of signatures of the appeal #Nessunoescluso to the president of Council of ministers Giuseppe Conte, Amnesty International Italia published a report entitled “Phase 1: Implementation of lockdown measures in Italy during the pandemic, including discrimination and good practice”. 

With the contribution of the Task Force engaged in observation, monitoring and documentation on the alleged violations of Human Rights in Italy, Amnesty International gathered the most significant cases covering the period of time from 10 April to 29 May 2020. The report deals with cases from nine thematic areas (rights of prisoners, discrimination, women, information, work, privacy, proportionality of measures, health and care, essential services) linking them with recommendations to institutions. 

In such a way, Amnesty International Italia focused on good and bad practices that have affected the response to COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the importance of not to dwell on the attempt to stop the negative impacts of the emergency, but using innovative strategies that could be replicable in different contexts.