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Amnesty International to FIFA: Time to compensate migrant workers in Qatar.

Recently, Amnesty International readdressed the issue of abuse of migrant workers’ rights in Qatar, the host of 2022 men’s football World Cup. Migrant workers make up more than 90% of the country’s workforce, and they are the main manpower to build new infrastructures in the country to cater for football fans from around the world.

For many years, Amnesty International has documented and exposed the labour abuse and exploitation of low-paid migrant workers in the country. The form of labour abuse and exploitation include unpaid wages, unexplained deaths of migrant workers without appropriate investigation or compensation, and forced labour.

In its campaign, Amnesty International urges the FIFA and Qatar to take immediate and decisive action to prevent further abuses of migrant workers engaged in World Cup-related projects and services, and to ensure that migrant workers and their families who have suffered to make the World Cup happen receive full and adequate remediation.