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No Hate Speach Youth Campaign
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Bookmarks - A manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education (2020 Revised edition)

The Council of Europe published the revised edition of Bookmarks- A manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education, which reflects the end of its coordination of the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign.

“Hate speech is one of the most worrying forms of racism and discrimination prevailing across Europe and amplified by the Internet and social media. Hate speech online is the visible tip of the iceberg of intolerance and ethnocentrism. Young people are directly concerned as agents and victims of online abuse of human rights; Europe needs young people to care and look after human rights, the life insurance for democracy.”

Education, both formal and non-formal, is a prime area of the work of the Council of Europe for democracy. This Bookmarks, originally published to support the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign, is useful for educators wanting to address hate speech online from a human rights perspective, both inside and outside the formal education system. The manual is designed for working with learners aged 13 to 18 but the activities can be adapted to other age ranges. It is believed that education and awareness-raising to counter hate speech and promote human rights values remain an urgent task for young people of all ages.

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