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Logo of the Campaign "M'illumino di Meno" promoted by Caterpillar radio show, 2011
© RAI/Caterpillar

Caterpiller - Seventh edition of the Campaign I will use less light - M'illumino di meno. !8 February

On 14 February 2005 (when the Kyoto Protocol came into force), Caterpillar, a popular current radio show on Italian Public Broadcasting Service, has announced the First National Day of Energy Saving. Every year since 2005, it promotes the Campaign M'illumino di meno (I will use less light), the most important Italian communication campaign on energy saving, which has been launched year after year, with growing success.

The day’s philosophy is to convince more people as possible to back saving, the biggest energy deposit available in a free way and in a short time.

The seventh edition will be held on 18th February 2011, on that day everybody is asked for reducing at the minimum their own private energy uses during the show time, from 6pm to 7.30pm. A special Caterpiller radio show wil be broadcasted live during the day on Radio Rai Channel n. 2. It is possible to listein to it online in streaming. 

The most incredible effect is assured by the symbolic turning off of the most important monuments and the most important city squares, united in a sort of  “energy silence”.

Citizens, companies, shop-owners, schools, restaurants, gyms and any other kinds of association will be participating in their own personal way; turning off shop-windows, computers or electronic machines in laboratories, organizing candlelight dinners and so on.

This year “I will use less light” will celebrate the Italian Unity anniversary with a special edition: on 18th February Caterpillar is asking its audience to join the Energy Saving Day by the traditional turning off of the lights and, on the other hand, by switching on a “clean” light on an italian flag. Mayors and citizens, teachers and students, factories or shops owners and workers, are asked to find a convienent and creative way to turn on a red white and green light to show how important is facing environmental casues for the whole country.

It is possible to communicate one's support, even from other countries in Europe and in the world, through Caterpiller's campaign website in the box below.