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Panoramic photo of the building headquarters of the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France.
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EIUC: Training on "Human Rights Protection at the European Court of Human Rights"

 The European Inter-University Center for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) offers a brief training seminar on “Human rights protection at the European Court of Human Rights”, scheduled from16 to 18 December at San Nicolo Monastery in Venice.

The course is intended to provide deep knowledge about human rights protection mechanisms with a particular focus on the individual complaint procedure at Strasbourg Court. Designed for lawyers, judges and legal experts on the protection of human rights, the seminar will benefit from the intervention of diverse entities, including a judge of the Strasbourg Court, a domestic judge and a lawyer. It is made up of two modules, namely an introductory part aimed at providing a crucial knowledge and the principles of the case law of the Court, and an advanced one geared to those who possess a background about how the Court works.

The deadline for submitting applications to the seminar is November 16.
For further information please visit the following link.

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