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EU: May as the European Diversity Month

The month of May marks the European Diversity Month in the European Union. It is meant to promote diversity and inclusion in workplaces and in society. Various events and activities will be organised throughout May to advocate for these values. The month is organised with the active support of the national Diversity Charters, which ensure the diversity and inclusion promotion at the country and regional levels. They help the European Commission build the concept of the European Diversity Month each year and many organise their own events and activities during May.

The theme of this year's edition of the European Diversity Month is ‘Building bridges’. It aims at creating partnerships between governmental institutions, non-governmental organisations, companies, cities and local communities across Europe to promote inclusion and diversity policy together. The focus will be put on how organisations from different sectors can work together to build inclusive workplaces and spaces, as well as how to create effective inclusion and diversity policies that tackle several areas at once, including age, racial origin, gender, etc.

To ease the process and promote local activities, a virtual map was created. Every organisation can map its contribution to a more equal Europe and promote events or activities that take place in May.

The introductory event will take place on 29 April 2022 in Brussels. It will consist of fireside chat interviews and panel discussions. It is possible to attend the event online after registration.


The European Diversity Charters help public and private sector organisations across the EU design and implement effective diversity and inclusion policies. By signing the Charter, organisations make a public commitment to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Charters are organised at the national level in 26 countries. Together they have over 12 800 signatories, covering 16 million employees.