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Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy, 16th edition
© Nick Danziger

Global Campus of Human Rights: Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy (16th edition)

Applications are open for the 16th edition of the Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy, which will take place from 30 August to 8 September 2021 at the Global Campus of Human Rights Headquarters in Venice Lido.

The Summer School is a training initiative jointly developed by the Global Campus and Picture People. The 10-day programme provides a safe, culturally rich and collaborative environment where diversity and inclusivity are embraced, original and critical thinking is encouraged, skills are honed, creativity is unleashed and networking with experts from the human rights arena and professionals from the film industry at the 78th Venice International Film Festival is supported.

This year the Summer School programme will be delivered in a blended format with online and in presence sessions in Venice Lido, both at the Global Campus and the Venice International Film Festival venues.

The Summer School offers an exciting programme of lectures, film screenings, discussions, working groups and a storytelling workshop that combine human rights expertise, media studies and video advocacy strategies. This year’s programme is focusing on ‘delivering social change to children and young people in the broader framework of human rights protection and promotion.

The Global Campus of Human Rights is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence supported by the EU, aiming at pursuing the continued promotion of human rights and democratisation through education, specialised training, and research cooperation worldwide through a network of regional partners. Its main headquarters are based in Venice, Italy and the regional partner’s headquarters are based in Argentina, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, South Africa, and Thailand.