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John P. Pace: The United Nations Commission on Human Rights 'A Very Great Enterprise' (Oxford University Press)

John P. Pace, former Secretary to the Commission on Human Rights and Coordinator of the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights, published a book providing a comprehensive account of the United Nations human rights programme. Many of the problems we face today, including conflict, poverty, and environmental degradation, have their roots in human rights violations. This book identifies what has been done at the international level and sets the scene for the future.

The main features are:

• A comprehensive view of what has happened at the international level on human rights since the launch of the Commission in 1946

• A uniquely focused and detailed account of the work of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and its successor, the Human Rights Council

• Provides a complete account of the development of human rights in all its aspects; at the same time, it facilitates focus on specific issues and trends

• An essential reference for human rights practitioners, civil servants, NGOs, academics, and students.

• Backed by a library of over 5,500 easily accessible documents

Dr. John Pace has also been invited to introduce his book and share his knowledge in the field of human rights in the podcast of the United Nations Library Geneva, The Next Page, in episode 34.

John P. Pace is a human rights lawyer who works on projects across the world as well as teaching and providing specialized training. His expertise is largely drawn from his career at the United Nations including his role as Secretary to the Commission on Human Rights and to the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights which re-set the human rights agenda. He is Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales and Adjunct at the Sydney Centre for International Law at the University of Sydney.