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Join the Human Rights Centre 'Antonio Papisca' for the “Europe for Peace” Rally, Saturday 5th November 2022

The Comitato promotore della Marcia PeruggiAssisi, the Tavola della Pace, together with the Human Rights Centre, will participate in the Europe for Peace Rally that will be held in Rome next Saturday 5th november 2022.

Together with Pope Francis, against the war, to build peace. For an immediate ceasefire, for a peace negotiation, for a ban against all nuclear weapons and in support of the Ukrainian population and for the victims of all wars.

The escalation of the war in Ukraine is becoming more devastating and threatening. The risk of the use of atomic bombs is allarming the world. It's the responsibility and the duty of States and peoples to stop that folly. Humanity and the planet can’t accept that controversies be resolved with nuclear weapons.

For this special rally students and staff of the University of Padova are invited to participate helping carry the 100m Peace Flag together.

For this occasion, the Human Rights Centre and the University of Padova, will assign 80 free round train tickets for students enrolled in a University of Padova’s programme, Civil Service Volunteers and University Staff members.

In order to reserve a spot in the train, please fill the following form.
Instructions to complete the registration will be sent via email.

For further information, please feel free to contact us:
Human Rights Centre “Antonio Papisca”
E-mail: centro.dirittiumani@unipd.it
Tel.: +39 0498271811