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Join the Human Rights Centre 'Antonio Papisca' for the Special Peace and Fraternity March Perugia-Assisi, Sunday 24th April 2022

Just before the Liberation Day, we will meet again to walk the path of peace, disarmament and nonviolence, following the footsteps of St Francis, Aldo Capitini, Giorgio La Pira and  Ernesto Balducci.

The Peace and Fraternity March Perugia-Assisi aims at becoming the reunion point for many initiatives for peace, solidarity and aid for victims, that are being organised in our cities, at our universities and in our schools.

The University of Padua has always been participating in the Perugia-Assisi March thanks to the involvement of our students, volunteers and staff.

For this special edition of the March, the Human Rights Centre organises two free buses for students, civil service volunteers and staff of the University of Padova to participate in the event.

Update 19/04: some places are available in the buses to participate in the March.
To make a seat reservation, please fill in the form at the following link: https://forms.gle/EACAvbzsAmisw6uR6


Organisational details will be sent to the participants in a subsequent communication.


For further information, please feel free to contact us:

Human Rights Centre “Antonio Papisca”

E-mail: centro.dirittiumani@unipd.it

Tel.: +39 0498271811