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Mass Migration and Human rights, frontpage
Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

MOOC: Mass Migration and Human Rights – Legal and ethical dilemmas

The launch of the collaborative Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI) MOOC "Mass Migration and Human Rights – Legal and ethical dilemmas", led by the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, has taken place on Monday, 18th September. 

The main focus of the MOOC is mass migration from and within the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa) and European asylum law and policies, while understanding the refugee crisis in a global perspective. Most of the lectures of the course are given by experts in this field, from the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights and other AHRI institutes, including Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Manfred Nowak, Elena Katselli, Antoine Buyse, Joana Abritsketa and Ingrid Westendorp. Some of the contributions are given in the form of interviews. This course also includes documentaries, readings, cases and not least video portraits of children on flight drawing and telling their stories.

The course opens on Monday at 8.00 AM (GMT). Though designed as a 4 week holistic course with progress week by week, it will be possible to make use of various components separately, and also to receive guidance for further studies online.

Web address for sign-ups: https://uio.bibsys.no/courses/162/pages/welcome-to-the-course