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A line of Red Cross trucks driving through a conflict zone
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Multinational CIMIC Group: Seminar on the role and working mothodologies of the Red Cross in war areas. Motta di Livenza, 16 june 2010

The Multinational CIMIC Group of Motta di Livenza will host on Wednesday 16 june 2010 a seminar on the role and working methodologies of the International Committee of the Red Cross in war areas, with the title International Committee of the Red Cross. Origins, mandate, operational mode & cooperation in the field.

The event will take place at the  Mario Fiore Barracks in Motta di Livenza (TV).

The seminar, which will focus also on aspects related to the work of the CIMIC Group and to the implications connected to the protection and the assistance of victims of war and situations of violence, is aimed at implementing the knowledge of the organisational structure of the International Red Cross, its assignments, its activities and its cooperation with other organisations, in particular with those interacting with the military staff.

The event is organized by the European delegation of the CIRC of Bruxelles and by NATO, and will see the partecipation of Zauran Raniero Owsia, delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross for Armies in Europe, with a specific mandate for Italian and Polish Armies.

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