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Postcard depicting a girl and boy with arms raised, jumping among the clouds in the sky above Padua; in the background, the Palazzo della Ragione and the Specola (astronomy observatory) of Padua.
© Ufficio Servizio Civile - Università di Padova

National Civil Service at the Human Rights Centre “Volunteers in an editorial unit: communicate human rights and enhance peace”

An announcement of public examination has been published for the selection of 114 volunteers to employ in projects of National Civil Service at the University of Padua.

The Human Rights Centre has proposed the project Volunteers in an editorial unit: communicate human rights and enhance peace, for the selection of 4 volunteers.

The project aims at developing tools for the communication and the diffusion of those contents which have been objects of the researches carried out by the Centre: either at the regional level, through the consolidation of relationships and interactions with institutions and local authorities, schools and associations, or at the national and international level. A particular attention will be paid to the promotion of the culture of “peace-human rights” and of the idea of universal citizenship based on International Human Rights Law.

The volunteers who are selected, will be involved in the implementation of the following activities:

  • Research, elaboration and publication of editorial contents and documentation and updating of the various sections of the website of the Interdepartmental Centre;
  • Writing and publication of multimedial contents;
  • Updates on the activities and initiatives of the United Nations and of international and regional bodies, with particular attention to the promotion of the recurrences established by the United Nations;
  • Update of preparatory works and follows-up on the upcoming “ United Nation Declaration on human rights education and training”;
  • Diffusion and promotion of contents, communication networks and newsletter;
  • Update and management of resources and databases;
  • Co-operation in the Centre's activities and support to users.

Please visit the website of the University of Padua for further information related to the announcement of public examination, requirements and conditions for the application.