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Padova meets Guangzhou, ceremony at Palazzo Bo to celebrate 10 years of collaboration between the University of Padova and the University of Guangzhou

Padova meets Guangzhou, celebrating 10 years of collaboration between the two universities

On 26 September 2018, Palazzo Bo hosts an event that celebrates 10 years of collaboration between the University of Padova and the University of Guangzhou.

The meeting sees the renewal of the Memorandum of understanding and also the signing of a new partnership agreement for the implementation of the China-Italy International Research Centre for Protection of Historical Architectures and Cultural Relics (CIPAR).

Guests of honor of the event are Qu Shaobing, Chairman of the University Council, Guangzhou University, Luo Ping, Counsellor of Education, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Rome, and Fabrizio Nicoletti, Principal Director for Innovation and Research, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

In the afternoon, representatives of the two universities exchange ideas about collaborations, present and future, between University of Padova and Guangzhou University.

On 27 May 2016, the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova and the Guangzhou University Institute for Human Rights signed a Memorandum of cooperation that envisages both joint research and common training activities.
In the framework of the Memorandum, part of a broader cooperation project between the two universities, the University of Guangzhou provides two scholarship grants for their students who aim to enroll in the International PhD Programme in Human Rights, Society and Multi-level Governance which is coordinated by the Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova. The Memorandum also envisages exchanges for the students of the Padova MA programme in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance, as well as setting up a specific path for Guangzhou University students within the Bachelor degree in Political Science, International Relations, Human Rights.

This synergy between the two universities is not just academic, it has in fact eased the friendship between the cities of Padova and Guangzhou, and between the Veneto Region and the Pearl River Delta area. This cooperation is therefore a source of pride for the two Universities, whose cooperation is a driving force for cultural, educational and economic development, where the Universities act as a bridge to connect two countries.

Participation is free of charge. Reservation is required.

As a part of the celebrations, on September 27 the Classical Ballet of Guangzhou will perform in Padova (Teatro Verdi, at 9 p.m.), staging a Chinese-style ballet Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai The Butterfly Lovers).

On 24 and 25 September, Italian ad Chinese scholars and professionals meet at the workshop "Protection of Cultural Heritage from Earthquake-Induced Risk", that develops themes related to the protection of cultural heritage from seismic induced risks.

The programme of the event and further details are available at the following links.