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Prospects for children: a global outlook through 2025

The UNICEF Office of Global Insight and Policy published the report “Prospects for children: a global outlook through 2025”, which assesses the prospects for the world’s children over the next five years based on a review of the global context. Progress in the next five years will decide if the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including for children remains a possibility.

The report covers three key topics: the nature and consequences of the exit from the COVID pandemic, the trajectory of longer-term trends that we currently consider most important in shaping the world and children’s lives, and finally, possible events and trends that have the potential to define the medium term.

It is underscored in the report that in the next five years the risk of disinvestment in children in many developing countries is relatively high due to COVID-19 pandemic consequences. This is coupled with weakened multilateralism that stifles progress on the world’s greatest collective action problems and a deepening digital divide that risks leaving children in the Global South furthest behind. Meanwhile, the role of young people as a formidable force in driving change in attitudes, behaviours and policy concerning climate is likely to grow and become increasingly sophisticated.

The report is consultable at the link below.