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Study trip in Israel and Palestine 2019: call for applications

It is now possible to apply for the selection of n. 10 places to participate in the study trip in Palestine within the innovative teaching project "Learning by Experience".

The program includes three training sessions in Padua, approximately in the period 15 June - 15 July 2019, and the study trip in Israel and Palestine from 17 July (to be confirmed) to 25 July 2019.

Participation in the training sessions in Padua is free, however full attendance is required for students selected for the study trip.
The program of training sessions is as follows:

1) Origins and history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
2) The cultural dimension of the conflict area
3) Operation Dove (Operazione Colomba) – the Pope John XXIII Community’s non-violent peace corps

The study trip program includes meetings in Israel, in Palestine and at Bethlehem University, to directly detect the current condition and interact with the institutional actors involved.

The University Human Rights Centre, as a sponsoring body, will support the costs of organizing the seminars and the transport and accommodation expenses of the study trip participants. Any additional expenses are paid by the participants.

The deadline for applying to the study trip is 9 May 2019. Students enrolled in the A.A 2018/19 to a master's degree course at the University of Padua are admitted to apply:
A) nine places are reserved for students enrolled in the Human Rights and Multi-level Governance Master's degree programme (HRG).
B) a place is reserved for a student of one of the other master's degree courses of the University of Padua.
In the absence of applications assessed as suitable, place B) will be assigned to students A).

HRG candidates must upload the application form, the CV, and the transcript of the exams taken, using the devise available in the Moodle page. The can access the Moodle platform with their ordinary credentials;

Non-HRG applicants have to download the application form availble in the HRG Moodle platform at this link: https://elearning.unipd.it/spgi/enrol/index.php?id=835 entering the password: "Colomba". The application form duly filled, along with the CV and the trascript, must be sent via e-mail to: centro.dirittiumani@unipd.it.
Please notice that any exams passed and not yet registered can be added manually in the application form.

A Commission appointed by the Director will examine the applications for participation.
A pre-selection will be made based on merit and motivation. A good knowledge of the English language is an essential requirement. Scores will be awarded based on the criteria below:

- three-year degree mark: max 10 points
- arithmetic average of the grades: maximum 30 points
- number of credits obtained in the master's degree: max 20 points
- curriculum vitae and motivation letter: max 20 points
- interview (only for the pre-selected): max 20 points.

The list of pre-selected candidates will be published at https://unipd-centrodirittiumani.it/en/ma on 17 May 2019.
The preselected candidates will hold an interview, following which the final ranking will be defined.
The interview for the preselected students will be held on May 24 starting at 10.30 am at the Human Rights Center.
The final ranking will be published on the web page: https://unipd-centrodirittiumani.it/en/ma on May 30, 2019.
The selected assignees will be asked to accept the exchange by June 3 and pay a deposit of 50 euros at the same time.

For information: Prof. Alberto Lanzavecchia, lecturer in charge of the project: alberto.lanzavecchia@unipd.it.

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