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The Anti-violence Centre in Padova opens the Sportello Marielle for young women who are suffering violence or harassment

The Desk (Sportello) is dedicated to Marielle Franco, who was an activist for feminism and a symbol of the different identities that women can express.

The anti-violence center welcomes all women between 18 and 25 years old who need support because they are suffering violence in all kinds of relationships, whether they are intimate or not, women who are not at ease with some situations based on their gender, or just want to ask for information.

The desk is open on Tuesday from 10 to 12 am and from 2 to 4 pm. The appointment is required, and you can call the toll-free number 800 81 46 81 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, or send an email to info@centrodonnapadova.it. The address is Piazza Capitaniato 19, Padova, on the second floor. You can ask for information and arrange an appointment.
The support from the Center is totally free, and the team is multilingual.

You may call for the following situations:
- If you suffer or suffered violence*: in an intimate relationship, at the university or at work, from people who are close to you even if there are no intimate relationships, from unknown people or people you met occasionally;
- If you are suffering discriminations based on your gender;
- If you need information on the local services and you don't know who to contact.

* There are several forms of violence and they are not always recognizable.

For further information:

Website: www.centrodonnapadova.it

FB: Centro Donna Padova Auser

IG: centrovenetoprogettidonna