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In a clearing in the Myinbyin Forest Range, Central Burma, FAO expert J.L. Briggs (right), of Australia, supervises the work as a tractor winches up logs of teak wood and hauls them away to the dispatch point.
© UNPhoto/MMS

The Italian Atlas on Environmental Conflicts is Out

The Documentation Centre on Environmental Conflicts with the collaboration of the association ‘A Sud’ presented the Italian Atlas of Environmental Conflicts, a free website which collects the files of the main environmental disputes in Italy. From Vajont to Casal Monferrato, from Taranto to Brescia, from the ‘Land of Fire’ to the Susa Valley, from the areas of oil exploitation to the coal centrals, from industrial poles to agro-industry territories, the atlas is about all the Italian environmental emergencies and about those active citizens’ experiences  which aim to protect their territory and their right to health.

The Atlas was carried out within an European research project called Ejolt, which is a part of a study about environmental conflicts and justice with more than twenty international partners including universities and independent research centres. The project has made reports and recommendations for the European Commission concerning  the environmental  legislation and resource management and also made up the Environmental Justice Global Atlas containing approximately 1400 study cases from all around the world.