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Municipality of Salzano (VE)
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The Town Council of Salzano has approved the agenda: ‘More rights for the citizens of Salzano’

With the deliberation of 31 March 2015, no. 9, the Town Council of Salzano (Venice) has approved the agenda ‘More rights for the citizens of Salzano’. It intends to promote the conferment of plural and inclusive citizenship for those foreign children who permanently live in the city.

With this agenda, the city of Salzano ‘demonstrates its commitment in favor of foreign citizens, who are more and more numerous both in the town and society, in a perspective of equal opportunities and of an reception and social integration policy’.

On the one hand, the Council of Salzano is engaged to support initiatives related to intercultural relations and active participation in children’s social life of the community. On the other hand  releases  ‘a certificate of registered family based on marriage, or kinship, or adoption, or guardianship or emotional bonds’  for those who request it from the municipal services.

In the application of the above mentioned deliberation, the municipal administration promotes an open event on 4 June 2015 in local schools and associations, which will deliver a special certificate to the young people with foreign origin as a symbol (although not formal) of their belonging to the Italian community.

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