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The University of Padova will take part in the Perugia-Assisi March for peace 2021

The Perugia-Assisi March for peace and fraternity will take place on the 10th of October 2021, having as its theme the culture of care as a symbol of peace, in the spirit of Don Milani's motto "I Care".

The first edition took place on the 24th of September 1961, on the initiative of Aldo Capitini: it has been designed to be a non violent parade for peace and solidarity between peoples.

The march, which takes place every two years, always focuses on a specific theme connected to peace, as non violence, justice, human rights, freedom, responsibility, dialogue and fraternity.

The following is the message of the march:
"The next 10 years will be decisive. To stop climate change. To prevent a new wolrd war. To get out of the social and economical crisis. To make the ecological transition. To democratize the digital revolution. To prevent new large migrations. To address and resolve these big common-glocal issues there is a need for the commitment of all the inhabitants of the earth, citizens and institutions. We must develop a mentality and a culture of "taking care" capable of defeating the indifference, rejection and rivalry that unfortunately prevail. Care for the younger generation, care for schools, care fo others, care for the planet, care for the common good and the common goods, care for the works of care, care of the city, care for human rights and democracy. We need a policy and an economy of care."

The University of Padova counts on the work of the Civil Service participants as well as the students, with the collaboration of the Public engagement Office - Civil Service Sector and the Human Rights Centre "Antonio Papisca".

There are 50 places available for Civil Service volunteers and students, who can subscribe at this link. The participants will be given further information.