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Comitato Interministeriale per i Diritti Umani

The first edition of the CIDU Prize for Human Rights announced by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy announced the first edition of the CIDU Prize for Human Rights, destined every year to 7 candidates, among Institutions, Associations and individuals, who have particularly distinguished themselves for having contributed to increase collective awareness of Human Rights in their own country.

The selection of the candidates was carried out by an "Honour Committee", chaired by the Deputy Minister and composed of institutional, academic and civil society representatives, with different sensitivities and experiences in the field of Human Rights. The award scheme will guarantee the age and gender balance among the candidates.

Among the institutions, the Committee decided to reward the Osservatorio per la sicurezza contro gli atti discriminatori (OSCAD), in light of its indispensable activity in the fight against hate crimes and in the rights of LGTBI. Among the Associations, the Prize was rewarded to Green Cross Italia, considering its important training and awareness-raising activities focused on the link between the issues of the environment, sustainable development and human rights. 

The four Prizes dedicated to individuals with different gender and generation profiles were rewarded to Mr. Ernesto Olivero, founder and President of the Arsenale della Pace of Turin; Sister Eugenia Bonetti, founder of the Slaves no More Association; the 'young candidate' Nicolò Govoni (27 years old), in consideration of his awareness-raising activities on refugees and migrants; and the 'young candidate' Valentina Tafuni (28 years old), because of her commitment to the human rights of people with disabilities.

Finally, for the category dedicated to the freedom of the press and information, the Prize was awarded to Dr. Nello Scavo, in light of his journalistic commitment on the subject of human rights, with particular reference to issues of marginality and exploitation of the immigration, and its investigative journalism on trafficking in human beings, on the routes of smugglers and their criminal profile. 

The award ceremony will take place on December 10, coinciding with the celebrations of World Human Rights Day, as part of the Human Rights Festival in Rome.

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