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To the Righthouse: a Human Rights podcast now at season 2

The Global Campus of Human Rights has launched the second season of To the Righthouse: a Human Rights podcast. The aim is to discuss human rights issues through a concrete perspective, with the goal of driving the listener from a sceptical posture to one of hope and empathy. The name of the podcast is inspired by a lighthouse, because it aims at enlightening the right path to follow towards stability and solution. The first season (Series 1) had five episodes and counted with the participation of distinguished guests from the practical and academic fields. The conversations are presided over by Geroge Ulrich, the academic director of Global Campus of Human Rights.

The Series 2 is now available on the website and also on Spotify. Under the guidance of Prof. Graham Finlay, another group of experts have joined the discussions, such as UN Special Rapporteur Mary Lawlor and the journalist Marina Shupac.

Click here to access the list of episodes.

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