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World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2021, July 30, “Victims’ Voices Lead the Way”

In 2013, the General Assembly adopted a Resolution designating July 30 as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

This year’s theme for the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons puts victims of human trafficking at the centre of the campaign and highlights the importance of listening to and learning from survivors of human trafficking. Survivors as key actors in the fight against human trafficking. They play a crucial role in establishing effective measures to prevent this crime, identify and rescue victims and support them on their road to rehabilitation

Many victims of human trafficking have experienced ignorance or misunderstanding in their attempts to get help. They have had traumatic post-rescue experiences during identification interviews and legal proceedings. Some have faced revictimization and punishment for crimes they were forced to commit by their traffickers. Others have been subjected to stigmatization or received inadequate support.

Learning from victims’ experiences and turning their suggestions into concrete actions will lead to a more victim-centred and effective approach in combating human trafficking.