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Economies severely exposed to at least one dimension of the shock: 107 economies with a maximum exposure score in at least one of the Food, Energy and Finance dimensions.
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UN brief on the Global Impact of war in Ukraine on food, energy, and finance systems

The Global Crisis Response Group (GCRG) issued a brief entitled Global Impact of war in Ukraine on food, energy, and finance systems. According to the new findings of the GCRG, the war in Ukraine is ...

Last update 31 May 2022

Si conclude il programma Megatons to Megawatts: armi nucleari russe per combustibile elettronucleare americano.

Alessandro Pascolini (2013)

Human Rights Academic Voice

Last update 30 May 2019
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European Union: Sustainable Energy Week. 18-22 June 2012

Between 18 and 22 June 2012 all Europe celebrates the Sustainable Energy Week, one of the main initiatives promoted in the framework of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, launched by the EU in ...

Last update 27 Jun 2012
terrafuturua, mostra convegno delle buone pratiche di sostenibilità, 2012
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The Human Rights Centre and the Regional Archive Peace Human Rights at the "Terra Futura 2012" Exhibition

The Human Rights Centre of the University of Padova and the Regional Archive Peace Human Rights have taken part in the ninth edition of Terra Futura, an exhibition/conference on sustainability good ...

Last update 29 Mar 2019
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Biofuels v. agrofuels

To the term agrofuels corresponds the more usual biofuels. However, given the effects that they have on life, according to many experts, the prefix 'bio', which suggests an environment-friendly ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011
Twelve children, who placed the twelve stars on a giant flag spread out on the lawn of the Palace of Europe, 2005

The EU’s role in promoting the production and the use of agrofuels: the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive

Since 2001, the EU has started to take a serious interest in agrofuels and, in the last ten years, it has become one of the major world actors which have significantly contributed to the development ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011
Woman cutting grass to feed cattle in Lamaku, eastern Nepal

The worldwide production of agrofuels

The energy crisis and the challenges of climate change have forced states to look for other energy sources. The production and the use of agrofuels are one of the strategy states have been adopting ...

Last update 26 Oct 2011